Sunday, May 27, 2012

investment in Zim

These is the most fundamental question that is being asked by the international countries if the they remove the sanctions in Zimbabwe would it allow the manipulation of the people of Zimbabwe resources by the political giants for their own benefits.Any country in world must be left to decide its political destiny that the doctrine of sovereignty to the Zimbabwe scenario does this apply?

To some extent Zimbabwe has made a lot of progress since the signing of the GPA with all the three political parties working together although there are remaining issues in the implementation of the GPA the international community must realize that time for change in the Zimbabwe economy has come and must now remove all the sanction that affect the economy indirectly or directly to any country in the world or any multinational company which wants to invest in Zimbabwe this is the rightful time the time of transition and the time of the change of the political ideology.Three political parties that are within the GPA must know that Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans not their private company they can exploit any time.The making of the constitution must be done in a way that allows all the citizens to participate the removal of the London based constitution have created a lot of marks as the present constitution has oppressive statutes that are those of the colonial history and the Zimbabwean citizen can not be free whilst the present constitution exist.Governing of the next elections in the next two years must done in a proper way not the situation that prevailed in my country in the 2008 elections.

Zimbabweans are the most educated people in Africa but look how all our efforts of have a good education system has created leaders that have learn all methods to make people languish in the pool of poverty wance the bread basket of Southern frica and the future of the Africa politics Zimbabwe is now one of the worst countries in the world.Credit must go where it deserves of cause ZANU PF change itself for being a good party ever since 1995 its fifteen years of power where the best in South Africa has not experienced what Zimbabwe experienced during the first fifteen years we were far ahead under the Leadership of my wance hero and inspiration his excellency Robert Mugabe.Thing fell in the wrong trend with political power greed and power Zimbabwe appeared like a huge nuclear cloud that can be seen for afar but its effect to be seen in matter of seconds 10 years we had an inflation ranking into trillions.

But although the occurred this is the time for the international community to believe in us and invested in this political devastated country and give a supporting hand and understand that the land reform programme was done in a way that was not proper but somehow one day it was just going to occur and it is a trend that is yet to be seen in most African countries as the Zimbabwean population wanted to justify the colonial past by taking back the means of production the condemnation came in the brutal way that it was done and being racist to the white population which are also Zimbabweans.

My plight goes to the three political parties to implement the GPA outstanding issues are derailing the progress of our nation and realise that without the GPA they was not going to be a government.

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