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Question One: Patriotism
Patriotism is the love and devotion to a country or homeland for the reason of that being a resident there closely related to the notion of nationalism. According to Primoratz and Parkovic’ (2007;1) patriotism is a natural and morally appropriate expression of attachment to the land we were born and raised and of gratitude we owe it for the benefits of life on it’s soil among its people and under its law. Different types of patriotism exist for instance the Euro-centric patriotism that was advocated by Habermas. But it must be noted as according Primoratz and Parkovic’ (2007;8) who cites Socrates the Greek Philosopher that patriotism does not require one to agree with everything that his country does and would actually promote analytical questioning in quest to make the country the best it possibly be. Partriotism can be considered as nurtured by the laws, exercise of civil rights and the personal interests of the citizen
Question Two De Tocqueviles “well considered Patriotism
De Tocqueviles states that the love of country is instinctive rather rational according to Goldstein (1964;40) De Tocqueviles elaborates that patriotic attachment principally arises from that instinctive and interested and undefinable feeling which connects the affections of man with his birthplace. The natural fondness is united with the taste for ancient customs and relevance for traditions of the past; those who cherish it love their countries as the love the mansions of their fathers Goldstein (1964;40).It can be stimulated by religious enthusiasm and it is capable of making prodigious efforts towards the building of a nation.
Question Three the ties that bind human being
Human beings are bone into states, families, tribes and other social and political communities and derive much of their development from the interactions that inevitably take place this associations are ties that bind human beings. Determination of duties in social units like family or political unit binds the socio-political community. Political side of life can bid human beings Moravcsik (2004;110) quotes Rousseau “humans are thrown into a web of political relationships soon as they are born it is not feasible to think of human life of having possibilities of considering all political ties from the beginning”. The degree of socialization among the human beings is also a tie that binds human beings.

Question Civil Society as a form of human association
Civil Society is an association of individuals governed by legal rules or an association of associations. The association take much variety of forms, families, churches, schools, fraternal societies and the myriad form of commercial society such as partnerships. They make people interact as they are natural and voluntary associations in society. Associations within civil society are created to achieve a particular purpose but civil society as a whole has no purpose it is the undersigned, spontaneously emerging result of all those purposive associations. Civil Society enables the individuals to voice out their concerns that affects them economically, socially and political.

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