Sunday, May 27, 2012

The political dispersion in Zimbabwe critical for economy recovery and sustainable development.

One can question the very existence of government in Zimbabwe where political anarchy, corruption,state decay and political turmoil has become the order of the day. Current political parties lack fundamental ethics and major drive to hold the country together free from disastrous  elements of poverty and excruciating unemployment levels that escalate  each day. The blame on sanctions is not logical to some extent, the major question is how did we end up in this turmoil and sad situation, if that question is answered first we would be able to correct our own failures before we think of moving forward than playing the blaming game. Politicians need to realize that being constructive is paramount to enable economy recovery and sustainable development. Although we can never divide politics and the economy, the market must be left to be determined by its variants without major interference of politics.......

In the book "Politics of the belly" one fundamental fact is laid out that African governments lack the drive in have thriving economics while deprivation of major economic factors that enhances attainment of decent food consumption has led to client-ism a common situation that has led to the survival of major and legitimation undemocratic, cruel and barbaric governments!!!!!