Friday, August 28, 2009

International Law

INTERNATIONALlaw was generally formulated to maintain international order to protect the sovereignty of the states .The states were primarily the subjects of international law the principal bearers of rights and obligations according to Higgins (1994:40) international law only exist to states ....The existence of international law was primarily maintenance of Peace and and stability based on mutual respect for each state's territorial integrity and domestic jurisdiction:issues of distributive justice and the protection of basic human rights (liberty,freedom and the right of self pursuit and happiness)

The only question that can be asked is if the existence of international law is effective to manipulative and destructive leaders of states and the states themselves.Although
states are still at the heart of international law system individual groups and organizations are increasingly becoming recognized subjects of international Law.The development of of an expansive body of international human rights law supported by evolving mechanisms of enforcement,has given individuals as well as some collectives such as minority actors clear rights under international Law.

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